Tissue Culture Laboratory

About Tissue Culture Laboratory

On the basis of the Tissue Culture Laboratory of D.I. Ivanivsky Virology Institute, the Collection of Animal and Human Cell Cultures is maintained, which includes more than 150 certified cell lines that are widely used in virology and biotechnology. All certified lines are included in the catalog of the All-Union Collection of Cell Cultures (1991) and the European Catalog of Human and Animal Cell Lines (1993). The laboratory has created a working and seed pools of the vaccine cell line Vero (B), characterized according to the WHO requirements, which can be used for the preparation of viral vaccines and test systems. An antiherpetic vaccine is currently being produced on the basis of this line.

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Cell culture applications

Before you decide to use cell culture as an object or research tool, you must make sure that the benefits that you get will outweigh the difficulties associated with this method.

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Cell culture collection

Hela and Hela-like lines

1 Hela Cervical carcinoma
2 Hela lhm Cervical carcinoma
3 Detroit-6 Bone marrow of a patient with lung cancer
4 Hep-2 Epidermal carcinoma of the larynx
5 RH Embryonic kidney
6 J-96 Blood of a white male with subacute leukemia
7 FL Amnion
8 KB Epidermal carcinoma of the oral cavity
9 U Amnion
10 L 132 Embryonic lung
11 Chang conjunctiva Normal conjunctiva
12 Chang liver

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