Scientific and organizational department

Managed by PhD in Biological Sciences L.K. Kozhevnikova.

The main areas of work of the department are:

  • issues of international cooperation: exchange of specialists, joint research, functioning of the WHO Collaborating Centers for Bacterial and Viral Infections, participation of specialists in international symposia, congresses, conferences, workshops;
  • organization of representation at specialized exhibitions;
  • organization of scientific expert assessment of works;
  • scientific and organizational activities providing planning and reporting on research topics;
  • preparation and publication of collections of scientific works drawn up by the staff of the center;
  • practical implementation of the results of scientific research: filing applications for patents, conducting patent research, forming a patent fund, consulting functions in the development of guidelines and recommendations. Analysis of legislation in the field of inventions and innovations. Identification of possible discoveries and inventions in the scientific developments of the center's employees, their legal protection in the Russian Federation and abroad.