Cell culture collection

Hela and Hela-like lines

1 Hela Cervical carcinoma
2 Hela lhm Cervical carcinoma
3 Detroit-6 Bone marrow of a patient with lung cancer
4 Hep-2 Epidermal carcinoma of the larynx
5 RH Embryonic kidney
6 J-96 Blood of a white male with subacute leukemia
7 FL Amnion
8 KB Epidermal carcinoma of the oral cavity
9 U Amnion
10 L 132 Embryonic lung
11 Chang conjunctiva Normal conjunctiva
12 Chang liver

Human cell lines not contaminated with Hela cells.

A-204 Rhabdomyosarcoma
Ноs Osteosarcoma
A-549 Lung carcinoma
Rd (Te 32) Rhabdomyosarcoma
2T Osteosarcoma
EJ Bladder tumor
GL 6 Glioblastoma
RT-4 Bladder tumor
T-24 Bladder tumor
HT-29 Colon carcinoma
PLC/PRF/5 Liver carcinoma (hepatoma)
GM 638 Fibroblasts of a patient with galactosemia
GM 639 Fibroblasts of a patient with galactosemia
26 293 Kidney of an embryo transformed with adenovirus type 5
27 L41-M Bone marrow of a patient with leukemia

Human diploid cell lines.

28 LHE Lung of the embryo
29 385/13 Lung of the embryo
30 FHE-T Musculocutaneous tissue of the human embryo

Human lymphoblastoid cell lines.

31 Raji Burkit's Lymphoma
32 Namalva Burkit's Lymphoma
33 L 101 Blood leukocytes of a patient with leukemia
34 Daudi Burkit's Lymphoma
35 P3HR-1 Burkit's lymphoma
36 K-562 Myelogenous leukemia
37 P3H3 Burkit's lymphoma
38 T-1387 T-lymphocytes of bone marrow
39 Molt-4 T-leukocytes of a patient with acute lymphoblastoid leukemia

Transplantable animal cell lines, lymphoblastoid animal cell lines.

40 COL Chicken ovarian lymphoma
41 BW-5147 Mouse thymoma
42 UAS-1 Mouse Moloney Lymphoma
43 B 95-8 Leukocytes of a monkey marmoset,
transformed with EB virus

Transplantable monkey cell lines

44 BSC-1 Green monkey kidneys
45 GMK, AH-1 Green monkey kidneys
46 CV1 Green monkey kidneys
47 MA-104 Rhesus monkey embryo kidneys
48 4647 Green monkey kidneys
49 LLC-MK 2 Rhesus monkey kidneys
50 Vero Green monkey kidneys
51 Vero(В) -«-
52 Vero C1008 (E6) -«-
52 Vero C1008 (E6) - "-
53 FrhK-4/R Rhesus monkey embryo kidneys
54 BGM Green monkey kidneys

Transplantable mouse cell lines

55 L 929(NCNC) Fibroblasts
56 3T3 BALB/C Embryo fibroblasts
57 RAG Renal adenocarcinoma
58 SC-1 Embryonic fibroblasts
59 Y-1 Tumor of the adrenal cortex
60 NIH/3T3 Embryonic fibroblasts
61 EPNT-5 Glioblastoma
62 L SV5 Fibroblasts
63 L tk- Fibroblasts
64 RVP 3 Mouse tumor induced by Rous virus
65 3T3 NIH TK- Fibroblasts, thymidine kinase defective
66 C-1300, 2M Neuroblastoma

Plasmacytoma (myeloma) of the mouse.

67 3/X63-Ag8 Plasmacytoma
68 NP Plasmacytoma
69 SP 2/0-Ag14 Plasmacytoma
NSO/1 Plasmacytoma
X63-Ag8.653 Plasmacytoma, not producing immunoglobulin

Transplantable hamster cell lines

BHK-21 (C-13) Kidney of a newborn Syrian hamster
7/8 Chinese hamster peritoneal cells
DM-15 Embryonic fibroblasts of the Dzungarian
hamster transformed with SV 40 virus
CHO-K1 Chinese hamster ovary
HTK-2 Musculocutaneous tissue of the Syrian hamster
EH / A44 Syrian hamster fibroblasts Syrian hamster fibroblasts
EHT Syrian hamster fibroblasts
A52m /pSG1 Chinese hamster peritoneal cells
BHK-BS Syrian hamster kidney with paramyxovirus
CER Hamster / chicken hybrid
BHK-HVJ Syrian hamster kidney with Sendai virus
HAK Syrian hamster kidney

Transplantable pig cell lines

PS Kidney
SPEV Embryonic kidney
87 IB-RS-2 Kidney
88 PK-15 Kidney
89 PPES Embryonic kidney

Transplantable cattle cell lines

90 MDBK Kidney
91 PEC Bovine embryonic kidney
92 BL –20 Lymphosarcoma
FBT Trachea
PT-80 Calf kidney
TEK Thymus of bovine embryo
Transplantable canine cell lines
MDSC Kidney
Cf2th Thymus

Transplantable rabbit cell lines

RK-13 ​​Kidney
RS-537 Skin fibroblasts
PK-82 Kidneys
SIRC Cornea

Transplantable rat cell lines

NRK Kidney
NGUK-1 Neurinoma of Gasser's node
XC Rat sarcoma
TWERC Rat embryonic tumor

Transplantable cell lines of different origin

106 Aa Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae
107 Tb 1 Lu Bat Light (Bat)
108 Mv 1 Lu Lung of Aleutian mink embryos (Mink)
109 H-1 Turtle Heart
110 FLK Sheep embryo kidney
111 PO-2 Sheep kidney
112 CRFK Cat kidney
113 CC 81 Feline embryonic fibroblasts
114 Mpf Ferret brain
115 FHM-1 Fish cells, minnow