About Tissue Culture Laboratory

On the basis of the Tissue Culture Laboratory of D.I. Ivanivsky Virology Institute, the Collection of Animal and Human Cell Cultures is maintained, which includes more than 150 certified cell lines that are widely used in virology and biotechnology. All certified lines are included in the catalog of the All-Union Collection of Cell Cultures (1991) and the European Catalog of Human and Animal Cell Lines (1993). The laboratory has created a working and seed pools of the vaccine cell line Vero (B), characterized according to the WHO requirements, which can be used for the preparation of viral vaccines and test systems. An antiherpetic vaccine is currently being produced on the basis of this line.

To preserve the gene pool of Collection Cultures, an automatic freezer Minicool LC-40 made by CFRO (France) is used, which provides standardization of cryopreservation and long-term storage conditions.

Key areas of business:

  • determination of optimal conditions for cultivation (use of conditioned environments, identification of non-toxic native embryonic bovine sera after determining their toxicity by the MIT24 methods and proliferative activity by the MTT method)
  • application of methods of cell metabolism inhibition (MIT24 and MTT) to determine the toxicity of various biological or chemical substances on a highly sensitive diploid culture of lung cells of the human embryo
  • determination of various contaminants in cell cultures (mycoplasma, diarrhea and other viruses) using karyological and cytological, virological (hemadsorption reaction) and molecular biological (PCR) methods
  • certification of new cell cultures in accordance with the requirements of the "Guidelines for the certification of transplanted cell lines-substrates for the production and control of medical immunobiological preparations" (RD 42-28-10-89)
  • the use of cell cultures for research in the field of nanotechnology (various nanoparticles, nanosorbents, nanotubes, etc.)
  • creation of cell mini-banks for working with a homogeneous population of cells
  • study of the effect of the impact of various bioenergy devices (Mini Expert DT of the Imedis company, acoustic generator LNCh-1, EHF-Yav-1, etc.), as well as different types of water after using various devices (a magnesium rod was developed in Japan, produced by LLC "Alex S group" Moscow), Aqua-disc (LLC "Aqua sistema", Moscow), Avoda of the boundary layer, N.E. Zhukovsky Aerohydrodynamic Institute, Moscow) on proliferative activity and cell viability
  • on the basis of the laboratory, an annual practical training on the job "Course on the basics of primary and transplantable cell lines cultivation" and others are held
  • joint execution of grants and contracts
  • supplying the laboratory of the institute and other numerous organizations of the country and the CIS institution with cell lines on a commercial basis.