Aleksander Aleksandrovich Shilov

ShilovAA Lead Researcher of the Virus Physiology Laboratory, Doc. Sc. Biology.

He was born on July 7, 1949 in a family of a design engineer. In 1966, he graduated from a high school with a golden medal and entered the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, which he graduated from with distinction in 1972.

In 1975, he completed the employer-sponsored postgraduate program of the Institute of Molecular Biology named after V.A. Engelhardt of Academician under the supervision of RAS Academician G.P. Georgiev. In 1977, he defended a candidate’s dissertation, in 1992 — a doctoral thesis on the topic: “Variability of Genomes of Influenza A Viruses During Circulation in Vivo and Adaptation to Changed Conditions of Reproduction”.

Since 1975, he has worked at the Research Institute of Virology: Junior Research Fellow, from 1981 – Senior Researcher, since 1994 to present time – Lead Researcher of the Virus Physiology Laboratory. In 1987, he was awarded with the academic title of Senior Researcher in the field of Molecular Biology.

Research work of A.A. Shilov is focused on study of genetic regularities of influenza virus circulation in vivo and ways of origination of new epidemic strains, molecular genetic basis of virulence, mechanisms of overcoming the cross-species barrier and virus adaptation to a new host, mechanisms of interaction with cell receptors, action of antiviral drugs and non-specific immunity. He has obtained some fundamental data expanding our perception of molecular mechanisms of orthomyxovirus genome variability during circulation in vivo and adaptation to various reproduction conditions.

A.A. Shilov is an author of 70 research paper published in national and foreign print media, and one patent. The results of his studies have been presented many times at scientific meetings and conferences in Russia and abroad. He renders continuous consultative assistance to fellows of the Institute and other establishments. In 2000, he was awarded with the State Scientific Grant.

He was awarded with the certificates of honor of RAMS (2010) and the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation (2013).