Alina Aleksandrovna Kozlova

KozlovaAA Alina Aleksandrovna Kozlova, research scientist.

She graduated from the Veterinary and Sanitary Faculty of the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology in 2011. In the same year, she entered the full-time postgraduate training program, then she was transferred to the part-time postgraduate training program of the D.I. Ivanovsky Research Institute of Virology, due to assignment to the position of a bench scientist of the Biology and Arbovirus Indication Laboratory.

She knows virus culture methods and serum diagnostics methods: hemagglutination-inhibition test, fluorescent antibody technique, neutralization test, various EIA analysis options; arbovirus pathogenicity study methods in white mice; methods of generation of specific virus antigens, immune ascites fluids, globulins.

The main scientific developments of A.A. Kozlova include the results of studying the immunity mix of the population of the European part of Russia against the West Neil virus, etiological interpretation of the first cases of the West Neil fever in the Tula Region (which is very significant for determination of contemporary borders of the expanding areal of this infection); data of studies of the persistence of specific IgM, IgG and neutralizing antibodies in West Neil fever convalescents; distinguishing, identification and depositing of new strains of Crimean hemorrhagic fever, West Nile virus and dengue viruses from patients suffering from such diseases.