Viktor Filippovich Larichev

LarichevVF Viktor Filippovich Larichev, lead Researcher, Doctor of Medicine.

In 1993, he graduated from the Russian State Medical University, trained as General Practitioner. In the same year, he was assigned to a laboratory. In 1997, he defended a candidate’s dissertation on the topic: “Generation and Use of Monoclonal Antibodies to the Inko Virus (Bunyaviridae, Bunyavirus)”. In 2016, he defended a doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Development, Characterization and Use of EIA Test Systems for Diagnostics of Arboviral Infections”.

He knows many virological methods including hybridoma technology, enzymoimmunoassay, other methods of indication, identification and serological diagnostics of viral infections. He made a great original contribution to the study of West Neil fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and other arbovirus infections endemic for Russia, as well as relevant imported tropical virus diseases and rubella, to development, improvement and implementation of diagnostic test systems.

He is a participant of four international scientific projects supported by ISTC for study of spread of arboviruses in the Russian Federation and creation of diagnostic test systems for diagnostics of arbovirus infections, as well as for development of new diagnostic and vaccine products based on rubella virus-like particles.