Aleksander Sergeevich Klimentov


In 2009, he graduated from the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Agriculture Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev in the field of Selection and Genetics of Agricultural Crops with specialization in Biotechnology. In the same year, he entered the full-time postgraduate training program of the D.I. Ivanovsky Research Institute of Virology.

In 2013, he defended a candidate’s dissertation on the topic: “Molecular Genetic Characteristics and Taxonomic Status of Bhanja and Kismayo Viruses Representing the Bhanja Antigen Complex (Bunyaviridae Family)”.

He knows many molecular & biological and virological methods. He has made an original contribution to taxonomy of Bhanja bunyaviridae (pathogenic for humans and domestic animals and endemic for southern regions of Russia) and congenial African Kismayo virus; as well as to development of universal RT-PCR test systems enabling revelation and identification of viruses representing Phlebovirus and Flavivirus families in clinical samples and field materials.

Other scientific developments include distinguishing, identification and depositing of new strains of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and West Nile virus.