Elena Lvovna Firsova

FirsivaEL Elena Lvovna Firsova is a Senior Researcher of the Tissue Culture Laboratory, Cryopreservation Team Leader.

Elena Lvovna Firsova is engaged in maintenance and preservation of the Human and Animal Cell Collection for fundamental and applied research in the sphere of biology and medicine.

In 1987, she graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute. Total length of work is 31 years, including 21 years in the Institute of Virology. Since 1994, she has worked at the Tissue Culture Laboratory. Elena Lvovna Firsova is a qualified specialist in cell line cryopreservation (Cryopreservation Team Leader responsible for preservation of the Cell Culture Collection of the Institute of Virology). Currently, she is actively engaged in optimization of collection line storage conditions in the nitrogen repository. She is an author of guidelines on cryopreservation, a course in cell culture fundamentals and 20+ research papers.