Igor Feliksovich Barinsky

Баринский Игорь Феликсович - Доктор мед.наук, профессор по специальности «вирусология», заслуженный деятель науки , лауреат премии Совета Министров СССР , руководитель лаборатории сравнительной вирусологии НИИ вирусологии.

Igor Feliksovich Barinsky graduated from I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical Institute in 1960 and started his post-gradual studies in D.V. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. Doctor of Medical Sciences (1969), Virology Professor (1976), Honored Scientist (1980), holder of the award of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1984), Head of the Comparative Virology Laboratory in the Institute of Virology since 1974. The length of research and teaching work is 54 years.

Igor Barinsky has published 561 research works, including 9 monographs, he is an author of 12 patents and federal-level guidance documents. He was an academic supervisor for 32 theses, including 6 doctoral ones.

The key research areas of Barinsky are comparative studies of etiology, pathogenesis, and specifics of immunity in case of acute and chronic virus infections: virus hepatitis, encephalomyelitis, herpetic diseases, rabies, human and animal leukemia, AIDS, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Those studies made it possible to create and introduce into the healthcare practice three specific inactivated vaccines, the immunological treatment methods for viral encephalitis and herpes. He developed immunoenzymometric PCR diagnostic agents for herpes and rabies.

Igor Barinsky obtained new science facts regarding the mechanisms of non-sterile immunity formation in case of chronic diseases (viral hepatitis and leukemia) and suggested original tests for diagnostics and prediction of recurrence for these diseases. Barinsky has studied the interferon system in case of chronic viral diseases and the option of its correction using immune response modifiers – megasin, ridostin, and amixin are introduced into the healthcare practice and are used for treatment of herpetic diseases.

Barinsky has paid special attention to the problem of viral immunodeficiencies (herpetic diseases, AIDS) and development of immunological approaches to their treatment using inactivated vaccines and immune response modifiers.

Igor Barinsky is the chairman of the national-level task team dealing with herpetic infections, a member of the editorial staff of the Problems of Virology journal, head of the Republican Center for Herpes Virus Studies of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, a member of the All-Russia Research and Practice Society of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists, and Parasitologists, actively participates in the Russian and foreign conferences and meetings on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.