Valeria Lvovna Andronova

leading researcher

Valeria Lvovna Andronova graduated from the Pharmaceutical Department of M.I. Sechenov First Moscow Medical Institute (now M.I. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University) in 1987 and was directed to work at D.I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in the Laboratory of Chemical Therapy of Virus Infections where she is still working. From April 1990 – as a junior researcher, from April 1996 – as a researcher. On June 23, 1997, she successfully defended her candidate thesis on the topic of Sindbis Virus Resistant to Adamantane Derivatives: Obtaining and Certain Properties. In June 1999, she became a senior researcher and in October 2004 – a lead researcher.

Valeria Andronova is a highly skilled specialist in experimental chemical therapy of virus infections. She is proficient in use of modern research methods and aware of information regarding the key achievements in development and introduction of antivirus drugs.

Author of 68 works published in central Russian and foreign periodicals of which 25 have been published in the recent five years, author and co-author of eight patents.

The guidance paper for identification of herpes virus variants resistant to drugs in clinical material developed by V.L. Andronova is of interest. She articulates the new data regarding treatment of the herpes virus infection resistant to drugs, conducted studies for identification of new classes of anti-herpes virus substances among the DNA-binding compounds, new types of nucleosides and adamantane derivatives. Use of the fundamentally new combinations of drugs inhibiting formation of herpes virus variants resistant to drugs was proved by experiments. A cycle of pre-clinical studies of a number of bis-netropsin derivatives belonging to the DNA-binding compound class was completed.

Valeria Andronova actively participated in introduction of the Russian variant of acyclovir currently being produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

She carried out studies on isolation of RS viruses from clinical material and detection of their cytopathogenic action in association with application of ribavirin (Russian and foreign variants).

Based on the results of 2003, Andronova (as a part of the team of authors) was awarded a prize of Nauka/Interperiodika International Publishing Company for the best publication in its journals.

In 2012, Valeria Andronova was awarded with the certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.